Programme Costs

Life in Focus Trust supplies the Values in Action programme completely free of charge to the school as a community service.  

The development and ongoing delivery of  Values in Action has been funded by Life in Focus Trust and a number of local people who share our passion of  seeing children empowered to live full and happy lives. Our financial support comes from local businesses, churches and individuals.

What would my donation be paying for?

Leadership and administration roles are all completely voluntary. 
Mission North Fellowship supply admin and storage space free of charge.
We lease  a printer / copier with a service contract to produce  paper resources.
Some of our teachers are paid on a class by class contract basis ($20 per lesson taught).

Supporting Values in Action 

Life in Focus Trust, which sponsors the Values in Action programme, is a registered charitable trust, registration number CC11112.
All donations are tax deductible. Tax receipts will be issued near the end of the current financial year unless a request is made for earlier receipt.

What sort of costs are we talking about?

1. $1 a week

One option that appeals to supporters and is affordable for virtually everyone is to set up a weekly payment of $1 a week (or a multiple of that - $2, $5, $10).  $1 a week basically covers all the costs of bringing the programme to one child on an ongoing basis.  

2. $700 for one teacher for one class

$700 covers the  cost to Life in Focus Trust of paying one contractor in one class for one 35 week VIA teaching year.  In Red Beach School we teach about 25 classes each year so that gives you an idea of what it costs in that school.

3. Printing costs          

Leasing a good quality printer and copier costs us $1.026.72 a year, with the cost of actually doing the printing coming to approximately $1200.00 each year.

4.  Benefits of being a financial supporter

 The main benefit of being a supporter is the satisfaction of knowing you are helping establish building blocks for life  in local children. Each year you will be sent an update through an annual report and occasionally (not  annually) we  will put on an event to celebrate milestones or successes and  allow supporters to meet one another and the VIA team.  

5. Other types of support

We love encouragement through our face-book page, our website or in person.  We know there are some who pray regularly for us and we welcome that too. And we love training new teachers and welcoming others who would prefer to support our work in a hands on way e.g. helping with fundraising or making and filing resources, 


“I donated because these are timeless principles that work no matter what nation or culture or religion people come from.” Ron Youngman

To make a donation please make your pledge below.  We will then email our bank and postal details.  When making a bank deposit, please put your surname as a reference so we can acknowledge your gift.  If you require a tax receipt please ensure the box is ticked and the receipt will be sent to your postal address.


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